Grants enable Baritone Sax Purchase

The Hibiscus Coast Concert Band would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to the Lion Foundation and The Pelorus Trust, whom have both extended support to our band through the gift of two large grants.

These grants of $4000 and $3500 respectively, have made it possible for us to purchase a new baritone saxophone for use in the band. After being without a baritone sax player for several years we are delighted to being able to have our own instrument for band members to use.

As a band, the Hibiscus Coast Concert band is very short on bass instruments, due to a nation-wide issue of the purchase costs of these instruments falling outside of the learner budget. There is even a shortage of rental instruments so that people wishing to learn are sometimes unable to hire one. Having a balance of high and low instruments allows the band to have a well-rounded sound as well as being able to perform a greater range of music which we currently cannot play due to missing parts. Thank you Lion Foundation and Pelorus Trust!